Barefoot Acupuncturists presently runs 5 small clinics in India (urban and rural, in Mumbai and Tamil Nadu), they run whole year round, managed by a team of Indian acupuncturists and assistants. We give about 10,000 treatments per year.

The conditions to volunteer with us are clear and simple :

  • Adequate acupuncture/ TCM license.
  • 2 years minimum of clinical experience after graduation.
  • True interest in social work.
  • Good communication and adaptation skills.
  • Good health
  • Autonomous personality
  • Ability to share your TCM knowledge (preferably also to teach) to our local barefoot acupuncturists.
  • A good heart 🙂

We like to have volunteers for a minimum of one month, but we are quite flexible depending on qualifications, time availability…

We have one small apartment close to our main clinic that we keep for our visitors. There is no fee to work with us, but we ask volunteers to participate to apartment rent (50 euros /week). Donations are of course always welcome, so feel free!

We are not looking for “labor force” to treat our patients and handle our clinics, nor for students to practice their needling, but for experienced practitioners who can and will happily share their knowledge with our Indian acupuncturists while treating patients together. The main idea about working with volunteers here is indeed to improve the skills of our local barefoot acupuncturists. But don’t worry, you will get plenty in return!