About Us

“Barefoot Acupuncturists” is a non-profit organisation with no political or religious affiliation. Our only objective is to offer acupuncture treatments and training to less privileged populations in order to relieve them from illness and support them in having greater autonomy in healthcare.

“Barefoot Acupuncturists” believes that for a humanitarian action to be successful and sustainable in the long term, it must be managed and owned by those whom it serves. This is why our action is now focused on the training of slum and village people so that they can offer to their own communities an efficient healing technique in addition to their existing practices.

“Barefoot Acupuncturists” as a non-profit organisation was created in Belgium in January 2009 after a year of active presence in slums of Mumbai that had proved the real necessity of such an action. The administrative functions of the organisation are handled by the five founders on a voluntary basis. Work in the field is operated by a team made up of Walter Fischer, Ujwala Patil and an Indian staff. Visiting acupuncturists from various countries regularly join them to share their experience and knowledge, by giving treatments as well as teaching.

“Barefoot.Slums”, a non-profit organisation, was created in 2009 by Ujwala Patil and local social workers in order to assure the administration and proper functioning of “Barefoot Acupuncturists” in India, in accordance with Indian legislation.

The activities of “Barefoot Acupuncturists” have so far been carried out thanks to private fundraising, both in Europe and India. Indian Government institutions have been approached regarding the issue of subsidies aimed at healthcare and self-employment projects.