… it is here in the hutments of Bandra East, that Walter Fischer treats the economically disadvantaged with his magical needles. … From 40-plus Mahananda to 75-year-old Laxmi, they all have tales of relief from chronic physical ailments. Mahananda, who suffered from rheumatism, tells you happily that she doesn’t need to wake up her daughter at night now to to use the community toilet. Seventy-year-old Prema, who has brought chowchow made from noodles from her native Nepal for Fischer, has regained sensation in her right foot and no longer suffers from insomnia. Snehal’s school going daughter pronounces proudly in English: ” My mother is ninety percents better”…

(Alpana Chowdhury in
Sunday Times of India
, July 27, 2008)

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